Invisalign is an invisible alternative to straightening teeth that is comfortable, removable and efficient.

After taking an impression we will send your mold and pictures to have an interactive digital image of your current alignment created. Each tooth within this digital image can be moved to display optimal alignment. From this “corrected” image, Invisalign designs a series of aligners that will take your smile from its current state to optimal alignment.

Each aligner in the series is worn for two weeks. This doesn’t typically mean that you will have to come to our office twice a month, though. Dr. Orander will provide you with three sets of aligners that will get you through a month and a half of treatment until your next appointment. These aligners can be removed when you eat and brush your teeth, which means you can maintain optimal oral hygiene and you don’t have to make changes to your diet like you would with traditional metal braces.

Invisalign’s ease of use and incognito appearance make it especially popular.

Not all malocclusion cases can be treated with Invisalign. Dr. Orander will refer you to a reputable orthodontist if he feels you will not receive optimal results with Invisalign.